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An Escape from Reality

This is how I flirt :)

I really was hungry when I took this picture…

Haven’t done any digital art for a while >.< Blah! Getting rust!

This is how I sometimes show my love… I la you, my fluffy head! ^o^

My cat butler :) Oh~ how I love you~~~!

Alice and Cat Butler :)

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You better watch out…

She’s a beautiful rose, but she has thorns.

Just doodling around~

This is trial #2 for tresh leches :) Last time I went with the original recipe. It was too sweet. So I altered the recipe for this time.

Result: Batter was less sweet, but this lets me make the toppings more sweet and have more varieties for topping. Oh~ the batter also ended up more like a spongecake, which was accidentally discovered by mixing the batter in a different order than instructed.

Guy~ I think I found a new hobby xD its a bit dangerous though…hahaha!

I’ve been drawing a lot lately cuz of an app PaigeeWorld.

This is my get away from the real world. It could be your's too...

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